November 10, 2007

Knowledge Tree 3.5 is out

KnowledgeTree opensource 3.5 STABLE is out and ready to download.
Sadly, we're still missing the upgrade scripts, but eventually they will be ready too. Knowledge tree is the opensource document management system.

Documanagement is often overlooked by managers in SMB, or handled by huge "fully integrated" colossuses in Enterprise environments. I won't debate on commercial solutions (mostly because I feel the Microsoft solution being the most advanced nowaday, and this hurts my opensource-oriented feelings) but there's something I'd like to point out.

We are in the middle of a deep rethinking of how our digital offices work. We are on the edge of a huge revolution, started something like a year ago and gaining impetus in the whole time. We're moving from a client-oriented software-strong environment to a web-centric browser based environment, where integration and compatibility are the core differential factors.
For years, we wanted the most feature-full softwares we could get, and we would expect everyone to use the same software. Now, we're more and more aware of compatibility issues.

That's the point. Compatibility, integration, flexibility. They're more important than a featurefull proprietary software, doing exactly what you need to do in your business right now. What will happen in 2 years? What if you switch your office suite for an online one (google-docs anyone?)?

Yes, one might argue that investing in an opensource solution is not a 100% protected engagement, since the project might just die. True, but how many business oriented, wide adopted big projects have you seen disappearing in the last couple of years? A couple, at most.

On the other hand, who's going to adapt faster and embrace others' (possibily, competitors') standards: an opensource community powered web-based software or a commercial gargantuan juggernaut application?