January 28, 2008

Android and Qtopia

As you might know, Nokia has just acquired Trolltech. You might know about Trolltech for that little thing called QT, powering KDE, Skype and many other apps . What's there for Nokia?
The easy answer could be Qtopia, Trolltech's framework for cellular phones. Checking on the Open Handset Alliance web page you will notice Nokia is not part of the "alliance". They already own half of Symbian, now Trolltech. What we will have here is, very likely, a strong competition in the OpenSource phone market. We have Android, Qtopia and - maybe - the little OpenMoko. With Windows Mobile 7 just round the corner it seems 2008 will be a very interesting year in the smartphone market, and we're not speaking about that tightly-closed and developer-unfriendly phone you all know about.
We'll see how Nokia will manage its new platform: beating Google on community support is not an easy task.