January 12, 2008

WPF in the enterprise

I started something has an interesting post about the use of "Sexy GUI" in enterprise software, referring to lawson's smart client. It's an enterprise application with a cool design, based on Windows Presentantion Foundation. While I agree with the idea that a well designed GUI is not only an improvement, but a must have today, I think there's a big mistake here.

The world is going towards a web-centric environment, leveraging on servers and taking advantage of operating system indipendant software. It's not a matter of vendors anymore, it's something about technology: one doesn't have to be a Linux advocate to understand that there is no sense in developing a "WindowsWhatever-Bound" application... if there is no need to do so.
If you don't have to interact with local hardware, there is no good reason not to use webapps anymore.

And you can have far better graphics with far less work.