February 24, 2008

IPhone SDK and the importance of community developers

So, the IPhone SDK has been delayed once more. By itself it's not big news: the SDK was announced by Steve in October and it's still not here, so a couple of weeks more won't hurt that much.

I think there's space for some thoughts here, on the importance of community-powered development. Some years ago, looking at the iPhone, the only thought of any sensible person would have been: great!. And that's it. But now - mind you, it's still a "great" before anything else - a lot of people will start wondering: ok, but can I install those nifty little free apps I've grown accustomed to? What else can I do with the device/technology/platform ?

Consider recent news: the Android open SDK, Microsoft interoperability announcement, even consoles are opening to community games, something unbelievable only a few months ago. And did I mention the hundreds of wii hacks around?

Lesson learned: customers, even enterprises, do care about a platform's openess, and the possibility to develope, customize and hack will be more and more important in the future. Apple and Microsoft already got the hint.