March 11, 2008

The best online CRM, intro

A CRM software (where CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management) is one of the central software package of any business.
What we once did by bare memory and "the human touch", today we do by using very very complex softwares (actually CRM is a strategic approach, but nowaday when we say CRM we mean just the software). Web oriented CRM are growing bigger and bigger: their ubiquity, low total costs of ownership and all the usual pros associated with web applications are very important factors when choosing a new CRM.

A lot of free or low-cost CRMs surface every day, and some are gaining a good degree of popularity. In these articles, I will discuss some of the most used CRMs, examining both the technical and the business facts, from the perspectives of both an SMB and a Freelancer.

The first one will be the VTiger / SugarCRM couple, coming tomorrow.