March 01, 2008

Can we eat the apple?

As IT professionals, we are used to love-hate relationships. We invented Perl and LISP, so we know what we're talking about. But it's seems Apple is a white cow in a black herd.
In a recent article on his blog (then blogged on Ars Technica) Vladimir Vukicevic revelead he found undocumented API in Apple's framework.
While I don't think this is malicious behaviour in itself, think for a moment about Microsoft doing the same thing, and the following reactions.
Instead, the thing went almost unnoticed.
It's hard to hate Apple, or even to be angry with that company: Apple is innovating every day, doing amazing research, and is cool whereas Microsoft is not. And I did not mention the iPhone, the iPod and so on.
But then, Apple is cheating,not releasing SDKs and in general acting like it could not care the less about fair play and the community.
How long before we realize