March 06, 2008

iPhone SDK is available, enter the App Store

Hats off, this time. Engadget has blogged in real time for the whole day from the iPhone SDK press conference. The results?
  • Exchange on the iPhone. That's it, Microsoft has built direct access to the exchange server, bypassing the good old ActiveSync. I see troubles coming from this behaviour, very Apple-style, but time will tell. For now, it's a good thing.

  • The sdk. This is the news. Apple got the hint and released the complete SDK from cocoa up. We'll see how much open it really is (unlike what happened in the past). That's what community pressions are all about. Is that all, folks?

Enter App Store. I guess you all know iTunes. Ok, same idea but for applications. No charge for free applications, 30% of customer price for commercial apps, without any hint to entering fees. That's Apple for you: you don't just build a community, you start something bigger able to generate huge revenues.
I'm suspending further judgment until I can actually see the thing running, but feel free to comment: will App Store be able to change the way we use software on the mobile devices? Consider this: in Italy the entertainment contents market on mobile phones is greater than the good old music-on-cdrom market. Why? For many reasons, but