September 03, 2008

A lesson from Chrome

As you will surely know by now, Google launched its own browser, Chrome.

I won't discuss how it is only available on Windows (guys, most people see you like a "Microsoft alternative", wake up!) or if it makes sense or not to have another browser.
I'd like to elaborate a little on a very nice article on TechCrunch.

Chrome does not support Lively (remember? Google's Second Life). Google analytics does not know about Chrome.
If you look for chrome into Google you don't get it as a first result (ok, we know it's google's policy but yet..).

There's something we should learn from that. We have a huge company, building dozens of products at the same time, but we can see similar things happening in smaller companies with just half a dozen products. It's about development awareness: what's the rest of the company doing? How will my new software integrate with what we already have?

You cannot afford to have a "standalone solution with is somehow integrated with the rest but still" - well, unless you're Google of course. It's exactly what just happened to Google, and what keeps happening everytime a new software is launched.

You're not developing for Mainframe anymore! Start thinking about the environment. Build your external API before even finishing your GUI, think about integration before completion.